OVERBURY Remembers 1914 - Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th August 2014 

Over the last few months, Overbury & Conderton villagers have enjoyed gathering village history.  They have built a fascinating picture of how the parish was in 1914,  visitors who have more information were encouraged to bring this with them.  There were a series of events and exhibitions and a small self guided walk/history tour through the village. St Faith's Church had an exhibition and tower opening. The village hall had refreshments, a rolling slide/video show and a history research area.

The Overbury & Conderton History Group have been and still are, researching hard and hope this will be the first in  a series of events. The War Memorial has also had the benefit (along with most of the WW1 war memorials in Worcestershire) of being researched by Sandra at Remember the Fallen - though the site will be linked in the research area Sandra sadly cannot be there this time.

St Faith's Church
A highlight of the weekend took place on Saturday 16th August when a talk was given about an English First World War hospital in France. This had connections with the village as Eleanor & Robert Holland-Martin took on the fund raising and Eleanor's sisters - Madeline & Susan Bromley spent the war in the Hospital - Madeline as Directrice.

The Hôpital Temporaire  was a voluntary civilian British hospital unit established in the Château d'Arc-en-Barrois, Haute-Marne, France, for the aid of wounded French soldiers in the Great War. Founded in January 1915 under approval of the Anglo-French Hospital Committee of the British Red Cross Society, London, the hospital of 110 beds was conducted under military command of the French army's Service de Santé. The hospital's first military casualties arrived on 27 January 1915 from the Argonne Forest battlefront. In February 1915 the regional Service de Santé requested an expansion of hospital services and a convalescent hospital was established in the vacant village hospice building, bringing the total number of beds to 180.

On Sunday 17th August at 6pm there was a  special evensong.

The research continues and a series of family trees are on Ancestry.co.uk to link  families who return to the village researching their roots. To ensure memories are not lost  all of the families connected with the history of Overbury & Conderton  "Overbury Remembers" will be set up. 

Families already part researched include

Ancil / Ancill / Ancille Timmings - Harry Pearce Ancill sadly died with all on board the HMS Good Hope on 1st November 1914 at the Battle Of Coronel. The Ancill family were well known builders & 15 are in our burial records.
Ashwin (Two seemingly unconnected families)
Attwood (Two unconnected families) 
Perks / Perkes
Mansell (relations traced in Canada & UK)

For more information on events which are taking place in and around Worcestershire please see the link for Worcestershire events in Autumn 2014.