COCO pruning day report

On Sunday 10th January a determined group of 10 Volunteers from COCO (Conderton and Overbury Community Orchard) took to the Orchard in Conderton for some tree pruning advice and practice from John and Pamela Clarke.

The trees in the orchard have been planted over the last 4 years and in order to maintain their shape and to shape their future growth they need annual pruning. This involves cutting off side shoots on the youngest trees to encourage a leader to gain some height before the trees branch out.

Other slightly older trees need any crossing branches trimmed to stop them rubbing on each other in windy conditions. The rubbing action can cause wounds which sometimes allow disease to enter the tree killing the branch or even the tree. We have to do the tree pruning in the winter when the tree is dormant.

If you want to get involved in the COCO group please email