Community events - call for volunteers and support

We are excited to share some key dates for events in Overbury and see who might be able to offer some occasional help in support of them.  One of the most special things which makes Overbury/Conderton such a fantastic area to live in is the community involvement.   There are all sorts of ways you can help from cake baking to jobs such as car parking or covering breaks in the village hall on the refreshment counter or even selling raffle tickets or helping on one of the many stalls during the street market.

The next annual event will be Overbury Farms Lambing Day, which will take place this year on Sunday 3rd April.  The Overbury Pantry are a community group who run the refreshment stand at the village hall during the lambing day to raise funds for improvements and essential works to the Village hall.  Terry and Angelina coordinate this effort in selling cakes, flapjacks, jars of chutneys and any other goodies you kindly bake for sale.  If you are able to contribute something please email Terry on: or you can email and Becky will pass your details on to her to contact.

If you would like to volunteer to help on the actual day (Sunday 3rd April) with any of the other jobs or covering breaks for short periods please do contact Becky by email ( or call to chat on 01386 725119.  We will create a list and then divide up jobs in the coming period to create a schedule.  There is no obligation to be available for future events, we appreciate your time in whatever way you can give it.  Below are the provisional dates for 2 other events that you might like to get involved with so please do contact Becky or the Estate office if you would:

Following events:

Confirmed date for Overbury Street Market: Saturday 9th July 2016 from 10am – 12 noon  - help always appreciated on the various stands, raffle, set up and clear up.

There will be more information on the Lambing Day activities on our farms website, facebook and as we draw nearer so if you are planning to come along and visit and bring others do keep an eye on social media and the websites.

We hope to see you there, whether as visitors or helpers.